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Looking for Reputable Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore?

The Ministry of Education have initiated a review of the curriculum for Tamil Language (TL) studies in 2005. The review was made to study the fundamentals of learning and teaching techniques, with the intent of sustaining children's interest in learning the mother tongue. This would allow the students to study Tamil at the highest academic level that can attain, and in a language that they used while out of school.

The Tamil Language Syllabus for the Primary level was implemented in 2008; while that of the Secondary level, was implemented in 2011. The course syllabus for Tamil Literature, also for the Secondary level, was implemented in 2008.

The Terms of Reference for learning Tamil is to inculcate the interest and appreciation for the language, culture, and literature among students. This would also include: organization of literary activities, workshops, seminars, publications, and competitions to promote the use of Tamil at home.

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Tamil tuition centres may have a pool of tutors who have years of experience in teaching Tamil to students. The student could speed up the learning process by getting the services of a Tamil tutor to supplement their studies in school.

Benefit to Student in Learning Tamil Language

There are around ninety three (93) schools in Singapore, that provides Tamil in their curriculum. Ninety percent (90%) of secondary schools could take Tamil Language as part of their curriculum. Students at other secondary schools can choose to take Tamil in various tuition centres found within the island.

It has been observed, that students who take up the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) or the Higher Mother Tongue Language (HMTL) are usually ranked among the top 10% of the PSLE (Primary School Level Examination).

Those who take the MTL and HMTL are in the top 11-30% who makes an "A" grade in the language criteria. HMTL may be studied further in secondary schools. These schools may offer English language and HMTL in the GCE 'O' level examination after finishing Secondary Four. There is need to find a reputable tuition centre online to help you breeze through on your TL studies.

Experienced Tamil tutors from these centres, who are knowledgeable about the nuances of the language, can help you understand all the basics and advance studies regarding TL at the quickest possible time.