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Social Studies tuition centres normally have a comprehensive pool of expert tutors who would be more than willing to offer their services to students in order for them to know more about the business of international governance; and of Singapore's outlook in the future.

These Social Studies tutors would be versatile on the English language and could better explain to the student the intricacies of current events and its impact on present realities.

The Curriculum Planning and Development Division of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Singapore had made revisions on the 1995 course syllabus for History, to incorporate three (3) MOE initiatives on: Thinking Processes, Methodologies on Education, and Computerization.

There was content reduction of the syllabus in 1998, to include these three (3) MOE directives. The new revision aims to make the students understand the opportunities and constraints faced by Singapore in the community of nations.

Teamwork | Social Studies Tuition

The critical study of world environmental issues may be hard for some students to fathom. There may be need then, to hire Social Studies agencies who may have a pool of expert teachers who are adept in this area, so a student could have a better grasp of the subject matter.

Study of Social Studies

1. Social Studies is one the courses under the Humanities Department. It is a compulsory subject that needs to be taken up by students in secondary school. It is an integrated study that would include: the overview and growth of Singapore, changes in population, creating jobs, housing, education, good governance, multiracial environments, defending the nation, environmental issues, and competition in the 21st century.

2. The content outline for Secondary 1 level has two (2) themes: Journey to Nationhood, and; Growth of Singapore. The journey part talks about the history of Singapore till 1942. Studies would also include the road taken by Singapore towards its attainment of independence from the British Empire. The latter would cover the growth of Singapore and its effects on: population, jobs, housing, and education.

The tuition centres may be able to find professional tutors who are experts in the art of teaching historical data without need of too much memorizing. By creating a scenario that is conducive to learning about historical facts, this may engage the student to understand and appreciate the subject matter better.