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Finding Principles of Accounts Tuition Agencies that has a pool of tutors in the fields of Accountancy, can help you learn the skills needed to do financial reports in consonance with Generally Accepted Accounting Standards.

The Ministry of Education developed a course syllabus for the study of Accounting and its application to business environments, that will serve as guidelines to all schools of learning in Singapore. The course curriculum enumerates the prescribed lessons on the principles, standards and concepts of Accounting, in accordance with international standards.

Study of these guidelines would help the candidate interpret, analyze and prepare financial statements for private and public use.

What the Student Will Learn in the Study of Accounting

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The course syllabus has six sections:

1. Introductory part which gives an overview of the study of Accounting. It also touches on the basic precepts regarding used of accounting in business decisions.

2. The next line of study would be on the bookkeeping side of accounting, by the use of double entries. This will include learning about the different books of accounts, source documents, journal entries, and the preparation of trial balance, to summarize all business transactions.

3. The third portion would be the study of acceptable accounting procedures as regards revenue and expense recognition. This would also include studies on the need for adjusting journal entries; and the used of prescribed accounts and contra-accounts in journalizing. The services of Principles of Accounts agencies in this stage may be needed, since this would now involve the more complex study of Accountancy techniques in recording.

4. After learning on how to do journal entries, the student will be tasked next to prepare financial reports. These would include preparation of Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statements and Statement of Stockholders Equity, among others. Other management reports, such as Variance Analysis, Decision Making Models, Project Planning and Budgets may be taken up while doing group study in school.

If the student encounters difficulty in learning this aspect, or if this was not adequately taught in school, then there is a need to avail of the services of Principles of Accounts tuition agencies. Having private tutors can assure the student of having help with assignments, and get good grades in the course.

5. One of the most important aspects of Accounting would be its use in decision-making. An Accounting class would normally involved learning basic techniques in analyzing past years financial performance, through used of standard ratios.

This is the phase that would include quantitative and qualitative analysis of the financial statements. Some students may encounter difficulty in learning this aspect of Accounting. Getting the services of professional Principles of Accounts tuition centres may be needed to help you go through this phase of study at ease.