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CMA Mental Arithmetic Centre

CMA Mental Arithmetic Centre

Full Description

If you want to give your child the best ability for multiplication on abacus, then the Classical Mental Arithmetic (CMA) is the best place to go. Since 1984, the Taiwan based Master Tai Chiang Ching is giving this specialized programmes to children to develop the brain of the child in many ways.

They are employing multi media based programs in their center that is a successful combination of teaching in the traditional way and the modern day IT concepts. This is one of the best centres that have specialization courses in learning the two hand abacus mental training.

Their institute is one of the fastest growing math centers that offers various types of mental training. This multiplication on abacus centre has a multi location and multi national presence with their centers located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Philippine, Australia, USA and Sudan. With the popularity of their unique methods getting spread to many countries, they are in the process of expanding to new territories.

This multiplication on abacus training school is well managed by highly qualified teachers. They have great experience in teaching and have very valuable management skills. During the past years, their students have reached many top positions in various international competitions besides achieving more in their academic performance.

In fact, the training aims at bringing about a balanced development of the both sides of the brain for doing fast and accurate multiplication calculations. This type of programme is very suitable for all ages of the children. For the children, this type of training helps in bringing in a higher level of scholastic achievements in any type of competitions. For this they are employing fully research based strategies. In case of adults the multiplication on abacus training will bring out their immense brain power.

The new system of multiplication on abacus offered by Master Tai during the last 20 years is a result of extensive research and experiments on various techniques, used for improving the traditional method of abacus use. With the invention of the methods of using abacus through both the hands, it effectively uses the power of both the sides of the brain in arithmetic calculations.

The left side of the brain holds the image of the abacus in their minds while the right side is used to do the calculations at far faster rates. With their two hand abacus usage for arithmetic calculations it will be possible for any child to use his entire brain power to achieve the best results in the faster higher digits arithmetic problems.

In the present days, the students are forced with many types of challenges and with the learning of this advanced system of multiplication on abacus, it will be easy for them to achieve higher success in any situation. As they are operating with the aim to create great minds through accelerated learning of this unique system of two hand abacus system.

Apart from this you can also get excellent improvements in pure arithmetic, aural arithmetic mental arithmetic, and online practice to get faster results. Your child can get the ability to better their physical, mental, spiritual energy for successfully meeting the challenges in life.

This institute constantly upgrades its teaching staff and helps them to improve their teaching skills to give the best learning improvement for multiplication on abacus training. This includes the use of many latest value added teaching materials. With the right type of skill set, dedication and the right attitude you will find that it is easy to bring out the genius in our child.

Blk 102, Yishun Avenue 5, #03-107, Singapore 760102

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