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If a child finds difficulty in the study of the foundation courses, there is need for you to contact a professional Maths tutor from a reputable Maths tuition centre to help him with the subject matter.

The MOE have two sets of syllabus that covers the study of Mathematics. One would be the GCE Mathematics-Ordinary Level, and; the other would be Mathematics – Higher 2. Studies of GCE Mathematics are towards the taking of the assessment examination at the end of a Pupil's primary education in Singapore schools.

The aims of the GCE-Mathematics-Ordinary Syllabus are: acquisition of needed skills in mathematical concepts and disciplines; development of analytical skills as regards problem solving; learning of various tools and techniques for actual application, and; critical and logical thinking. The study of mathematics may be hard for a number of students.

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The Mathematics – Higher 2 syllabus, on the other hand, aims to – prepare the student for their education needs in college, where courses in Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering would require more intensive learning of the subject. The curriculum focuses more on math solving techniques.

Among the subjects that will be covered are studies on: Binomials, Permutations, Correlation and Regression analysis, among many others. If you are now in the Secondary level, and is preparing to enter Junior College, there might be need for you to get a tutor from a reputable Maths Tuition Centre to help you understand all the mathematical tools, and on how to go about using them.

Benefit to Sending the Student to Maths Learning Centre

These centres would have highly qualified and experience tutors under their wing. These Maths tutor would have the skills to teach your child about the educational rudiments and necessary techniques in Mathematics to help him pass the course in flying colours!