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Are You Looking for the Best History Tuition Centre to Improve Your Grade?

The syllabus for History in the Lower Secondary levels was reviewed in 2003 for its relevancy to present times. The revised curriculum was implemented in 2006 with a framework that includes the study of: Ancient History of India, Southeast Asia and China for the Secondary One Level, and; the History of Singapore at the Secondary Two Level.

Two approaches were likewise, implemented and that is – thematic approach grounded on historical concepts for the study of Ancient History, and; a chronological study on the different milestones in the study of the History of Singapore. With the help of Home History Tutors, learning need not be a painful experience for any student. There are a number of talented tutors who have the passion for tutoring a child in any grade level.

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The revised curriculum calls for a strong foundation in independent learning study. A number of the tuition tutors that can be hired, are teachers who have the expertise in any field, which in this case, is in the study of History. The subject matter is normally taught by using different assessment modes like: multiple choice questions, structured essays, content knowledge and thinking skills, to better evaluate the mastery of the students in the subject matter.

With History Tuition Tutors, the student can be personally guided through the MOE framework for better understanding of the intricacies surrounding Ancient Civilization and its modes of government.

The home tutor could also enlighten the students towards the study of the different phases of development of Singapore from ancient times. up to the period of withdrawal by the British Empire in 1971.