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The General Paper curriculum includes a broad range of topics that affects the 21st century. A General Paper tuition tutor can help equip the student with the needed skills in communication, analysis, and critical thinking.

The Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB), a statutory board under the Ministry of Education, was tasked to implement the syllabus for General Paper (GP) studies in Junior College (JC) levels.

The curriculum aims to develop the student's ability to do critical thinking on various issues that ranged from local and global concerns; thus, have a clearer understanding of critical world issues.

The syllabus is intended for candidates who are into General Paper studies and would be preparing for their H1 level exams. It tries to emphasize the need for critical thinking and the proficient use of communication skills.

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General Paper-Higher 1 Studies in the Academe

GP studies aims to make the candidate understand the world better through varieties of human experience. The competence of GP teachers and tutors would be of utmost importance in defining the interrelationship of these different ideas across broad streams of diverse thinking in their students. General Paper tutors can help the student or candidate in fostering this global outlook towards a clearer understanding of the varied disciplines.

Another aim of GP studies would be to develop the effective communications skills of the student through readings and logical thought. Among the expected outcome of these studies would be for the candidate to be versatile in research through use of effective communication mediums.

This would involve development of skills in evaluation of arguments and opinion. The General Paper Tuition tutors can help supplement the learning of a candidate while at home, through the use of various reading materials and multimedia supplements that the student can pore on to improve his stock knowledge on the subject matter.