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Getting the services of a tutor from a reputable English tuition centre, can help the student go through the different study areas, thereby hastening the learning process. The English tutors would have the needed skills, patience and versatility in teaching the English to various audiences or students.

The MOE adopted a course syllabus for the study of the English language in the school setting. This is for the GCE Ordinary level, which aims to set the guidelines for the teaching of English in the Primary and Secondary Levels.

The aims of the curriculum are: better understanding and appreciation of a wide range of literary and functional texts in English; communication skills that are appropriate and intelligible, and; understanding of the use of international English standards.

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The Study of the English Language

The services of highly qualified tutors from the English tuition centres can help the student understand better the techniques in the proper use of standard English.

There can never be an education in any school and college, that may be considered complete, without the proper grounding on the English. It is the primary language of business that is used in most countries around the world. However, this language has its own nuances and techniques.

If a student finds difficulty in learning his English studies in school, the services of a tutor from reputable English teaching schools may be availed of. These centres of learning, normally has a pool of competent tutors who are most likely, English teachers themselves. These English tutors would be in the best position to help the student with his lessons, and help target those areas where he may be having difficulties.

The modules of instruction would include learning concepts in the following areas: Writing, Comprehension, Listening, and Oral Communications. These areas will be integrated in the school curriculum that would start as early as kindergarten through Secondary Level.

Mastery of the English language is a needed skill in passing the GCE O Level Examination. Studies would include: pronunciation and intonation practices; oral communication through discourses and debate; vocabulary development, situational writing, essays, and expositions.