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Are You Looking for Good Economics Tuition Centres in Singapore? (Singapore MOE Curriculum)

The course curriculum as implemented by the MOE, Singapore aims to teach Junior College (JC) level students the rudimentary principles, theories, and concepts of Economics. The syllabus seeks to impart methods of analyzing and resolving present economic issues by JC students with the course syllabus as backdrop.

The guidelines also specify the rational arguments behind economic agendas affecting both national and international events. The mode of study would likewise include, the different schools of thought that affect policy decisions, and the roles played by economic indicators on these decisions.

The need for Economics Agencies may be necessary for students doing their H1 and H2 Economic studies for the Cambridge GCE 'A' level exam. Economics tutors may also be needed by those taking International Baccalaureate (IB) studies either at Standard Level (SL) or in the Higher Level (HL) Programmes.

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Benefit to the Student of Learning Economics

1. The study of Economics would help the student understand the concepts affecting the market for goods and services. The candidate would be able to recognize the forces that affect the market economy and how the different component parts react based on self interest.

The student would also understand the price mechanism that affects supply and demand and its in-depth effect on world situations. If the student encounters problems in understanding the concepts behind the market economy, Economics tuition Agencies may be hired so as to tap their pool of experts in this area.

2. The student would be able to understand market failures – its causes and possible policy remedies. He would also be guided on the existence of market inefficiencies and the methods of dealing with it. At this juncture, the student may encounter difficulty in comprehension as regards economic models and markets. The need for tuition tutors may be necessary to help the student with work assignments, school grades and a better understanding of what the subject matter is all about.

3. Other benefits of learning Economics would be – the student would understand the key indicators affecting a country's economic performance. He would also learn to do critical reviews of government policies on the national and international level. Deeper understanding of international policies may be helped by hiring an Economics tutor who is an expert in this area of study.