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MindLever Education Centre

MindLever Education Centre

Full Description

Mind Lever is one of the well-known Economics tuition in Singapore that has been registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE), giving exclusive tuition in Economics to the students at the A level. They are well known for their excellent subject guides for the A level Economics.

This center has Top NIE trained economics teacher. They teach with their unique programs that have helped thousands of JC level students to do well in their GCE A level economics exam. They have many years of experiences and are all carefully selected JC tutors to teach economics in their tuition programs.

This excellent Economics tuition centre aim at giving a 100 focus in teaching economics with their teaching resources. The students are able to use their eLearning platform that is given free to them to give access to a wealth of teaching materials like model answers, on–demand economics lectures, worksheets etc. Due to this, the students are able to get access to all the supplementary materials that go well beyond their Economics tuition classes.

They adopt a unique way of delivering the key concepts to the students with their multi-dimensional experiential and participative mode. The Insight, their magazine for economics students is highly acclaimed and shows the effectiveness and quality of teaching in this school. They offer various products and services like the Consultations and group tuitions, etc.

The Insight magazine is a good tool for making the students to learn economics in a holistic experience and multi- sensory experience that helps in improving the application skills of the students. They also have the unique concept of Economics Essay Booster, which is a collection of essays by some of the top economics students. This has been made a compulsory learning material for the JC level – the students are encouraged to model their answers.

They are one of the best Economics tuition due to their many experiences in giving this type of tuition. Besides that, the school also uses the latest developments in technology to do tuition in an effective manner using websites and other contact modes. This helps them to make their students understand the key concepts in a participative multi-dimensional and experiential mode.

This center offers the industry best Economics eLearning platform. They provide the students with a variety of teaching materials like worksheets, lesson plans’ answers, videos, case studies recorded lectures, etc.

The tutors will always try to deliver all the relevant information to their students for successfully completion at the appropriate times. This good Economics tuition is well known for its quality in teaching, exemplary results. Most parents will likely to recommend this center to many of their friends and relatives.

420 North Bridge Road, #03-07, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

6689 5998

6299 1231

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