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Joining a Good Chinese Tuition Centre Make a Difference in Your Result!

The MOE has adopted a course curriculum of the mother tongue language as early as 1965. The choice of studies of the Chinese Language starts from Primary to Secondary levels. The bilingual policy of education in Singapore had chosen English as its working language. The reason is obvious: English is the most commonly used language of business in majority of countries from around the globe.

The bilingual policy however, was adopted so students can stay connected with their mother tongue language; and as a means to help them academically. This would also boast their love for their cultural heritage and amplify their need for social identity. The study of the mother tongue language was made compulsory in all schools of learning beginning in 1979.

There were several revisions made on the CL syllabus; but the most radical of which was conducted in 2004, and implemented in 2007. The service of a professional tutor from a Chinese learning centre may be needed to help the student in his Chinese language studies. This is important especially if the student encounters difficulties in the nuances of the language, either in oral communication or in written form.

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What the Student Will Learn in CL Studies

1. In the Primary Level, the student will learn: vocabulary and sentence structures, comprehension of Chinese literature, composition, proverbs, and idiomatic expressions, among others.

2. In the Secondary Level, the student will learn: vocabulary build-up, composition, essay writing, comprehension and review of news articles, and comprehension of other literary works.

Either in Primary or Secondary levels, there may be need to contact a tutor from a good tuition centre to better address problems that may be encountered by the student in learning the language. Finding a suitable tutor would most likely depend on the needs of the student. If the candidate has great deficiencies in the subject matter, a private home Chinese tuition tutor may be employed to assure that there is individualized tutoring – for better results.