About us

TuitionCentres.com is one of the premium tuition centres directory in Singapore! We have compiled a list of Singapore tuition centres that offers highest quality tuition services for Primary, Secondary, Junior College (JC), University and other private subjects.

As a parent, we all know the difficulties of searching and selecting the best tuition center / tutor for our child’s education. Some of us might be looking for private tuition to help their child who has temporarily fallen behind and unable to catch up with the school curriculum and examinations.

A group of us may be looking for better ways to enhance our school performance – gain more confidence with high motivation, learning good study habits, developing good self-esteem, etc.

All of the tuition centres are manually reviewed by our staffs. We follow strict selection guidelines and only selected tuition schools are being posted on our website.

Please feel free to post your comments and share your valuable experiences with all the other parents and students around the world. We also value your feedback as it will motivate us to make this site better everyday.

You may like to contact us directly through this page: Contact Tuition Singapore

Thank you!

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